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What should be the technical index of the ring die granulator?

Time:2020-07-15 11:00

There are three types of pellet feed presses: ring die pelletizer, flat die pelletizer and spiral push pelletizer. The ring mold granulator is the most widely used. According to my country's industry standard SB/T10114-92 "Ring Die Granulator" and other three standards, the granulator specifications are expressed by the inner diameter of the die (cm) × effective width (cm) and the main motor power (kW). The model consists of four parts: professional code, variety code, type code and specifications. example:
When using the standard test method and feed formula of SB/T10114, and the diameter of the ring die die hole is 3 mm, the technical performance of the ring die pelletizer should reach the following indicators:
1. The pure working hour productivity (kg/h) meets the predetermined requirements.
2. Power consumption per ton of pressed material (kw·h/ton): when the main motor power N=
22 kWh, ≤20; N≤37 kWh, ≤18; N≤55 kWh, ≤16; N≥75 kWh, ≤14.
3. The service life of the die and roller: When the broiler feed is used to press the die hole diameter of 5 mm, the service life of the die and roller should not be less than those specified in Table 1-4.
The die and the roller are the most important working parts of the granulator. Due to their high requirements on materials, processing and heat treatment, they have a decisive influence on the quality, output and cost of the granules. The price of the die and the pressure roller is high, and it is also a wearing part, so it is highly valued.
4. The molding rate of pellet feed should be ≥95%. The molding rate refers to the percentage of the weight of the shaped granules in the pressed granules.
5. Pulverized feed powdering rate ≤10%. A high pulverization rate indicates that the feed pellets are not solid enough. In the transportation, storage and feeding of pellets, the increase of powder will cause loss.
6. Granulator noise: when the main motor power cluster is 37 kWh, the sound power level noise is ≤100 dB(A); N>37 kWh, noise ≤110 dB(A).
7. The dust concentration of the granulator is ≤10 mg/m³.
8. The load level of the granulator is ≥85%.
In addition, it also puts forward basic requirements for the granulator in terms of structure, control, reliability, automatic interlocking and overload protection, adjustment, use and operation, lubrication function, and safety protection.


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