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What are the factors affecting the life of the ring die

Time:2020-07-15 11:00

1. Influence of mold washing on ring mold
Do not stop the machine immediately after the normal feed program ends, and reuse the oil to wash the mold once, so that it is easy to clean up in the future, and you can also squeeze the feed from the card hole through the oil.
2. The influence of raw materials on the ring die
In general, the finer the pulverization, the larger the contact surface with water vapor, and the easier it is to form particles, otherwise, it will increase the friction with the ring die and increase wear. For coarse fibers and raw materials with large crushed particle size, the friction with the ring die can be reduced by adding grease, and particles with smooth surfaces can be produced; the more impurities in the raw material, the greater the damage to the ring die, especially the metal substances. Therefore, it is necessary to remove impurities from the raw materials.
3. The influence of steam on the ring mold
Tempering is the process of fully stirring and absorbing the powder to be granulated and the appropriate amount of steam in the conditioner. Improper use of steam moisture content and steam pressure will affect the utilization rate of the ring mold. In general, steam The pressure is controlled between 0.2 and 0.4 MPa. Among the protein materials, the required pressure is a little less. If the fiber content is large, the pressure will be higher. The moisture is generally controlled at about 15%. Pay attention to prevent pipelines The condensed water enters the conditioner, and the materials in the conditioner should be held in a hand, and the hands should be scattered.
Pressure roller
4. The impact of accessories on the ring mold
The pressing roller is the main component pressed into granules. If the gap is too small, the loss rate of the ring die will increase. If idling occurs, the damage will increase. According to the statistical gap between 0.2-0.4mm, it should work in a state of "seemingly relying on non-reliance, appearing to turn non-rotating"; the spreader directly determines whether it can spread the material uniformly. If the installation position is deviated, it will cause different degrees of damage and uneven distribution of the pressure roller and the ring die.
5. The effect of overload on the ring die
Production for a long time or beyond the specified range will increase the fatigue damage of the ring die, so for wearing parts, choose good quality and guaranteed to effectively increase the life of the ring die!


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