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What to do if the ring die pellet machine wears seriously and the energy consumption is large

Time:2020-07-15 11:00

The common problems in the production process of domestic biomass ring die pellet machines are serious wear and excessive energy consumption. Now let's talk about the corresponding countermeasures with high feasibility.
From the analysis of the principle of material processing, we should focus on overcoming the elasticity of the material, so as to improve the surface shape of the material to make it have a certain adhesion, or add a small amount of additives, so that the biomass pellet machine can be extruded under normal temperature conditions . In order to effectively improve the surface activity of the material, so that it is fully mixed with a small amount of binder, it can effectively overcome the problems of unstable production process and high energy consumption of the traditional processing equipment, and can carry out large-scale production.
Although the domestic biomass ring mold particle forming technology has made great progress in recent years, compared with the advanced foreign technology, the most prominent ones are the problems of equipment wear and high energy consumption. The solution of these two problems improves production capacity, reduces energy consumption, and promotes the development of the entire biomass pellet fuel industry.


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