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What operations need to pay attention to during the installation of the ring die

Time:2020-07-15 11:00

In the production process of the ring die, the materials used must be cleaned as necessary to avoid the mixing of hard particles such as large blocks of sand, sand, iron, bolts, and iron filings. It is said that good goods are not cheap, and the high price of feed processing units on the market is not without reason. For a pellet machine alone, the inclusion of basic equipment accelerates the wear of the ring die, and a large number of large and hard inclusions will cause the ring die to repeat many times. Stress causes fatigue of the ring die. When a certain force exceeds the strength limit of the ring die, the ring die will explode.
When the operator newly installs or replaces the ring mold, for the ring mold assembled through the cone surface, when the new mold is installed, it is required to avoid causing the cone surface to be scratched and scratched, and to the cone surface and its matching transmission rim cone surface Carry out the necessary cleaning and oil assembly. When replacing the ring die, disassemble it, do not bump or scratch the cone surface, and protect it with oil. For the feed pellet machine that often needs to replace the ring die, it is required to regularly check the transmission rim to prevent its excessive wear and tear. The break of the center pin, because excessive wear will affect the fit between the ring die and the rim, and the fit is not tight. When the ring die is working, it will produce a shearing force on the center pin of the die and cause breakage. After that, don't mistake it for the strength of the pin and replace it with a high-strength pin, which will eventually lead to damage to the ring die and frequent breakage of the safety pin. Therefore, it is quite necessary to protect and regularly check the mating cone surface of the ring die and the mating transmission rim cone surface. For the ring die of hoop type assembly, the protection and inspection of its assembly surface and its matching components are also quite necessary. When the pressure roller is used for a period of time, there will be wear and tear, which affects the matching accuracy with the ring die, which affects the production yield of the ring die, and it should be repaired or replaced with a new ring die.
During the production process, Hengfu Machinery, a supplier of feed mixers, discovered that during the use of ring molds, clogging, wear, sealing, and inversion usually occur. At this time, if the necessary maintenance is not carried out, it will cause a reduction in output. Energy consumption increases, even without discharging. At this time, the basic maintenance method for the ring die is to first smooth the inner circular surface of the ring die and then chamfer it. When replacing the ring mold, it is required to fill the mold hole while the hot mold is filled with oily materials, so that the ring mold can reach the best state during the next production.


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