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Tips on the use of vertical ring die pellet machine mold

Time:2020-07-15 11:00

The mold is the heart of the pellet machine. Today I will talk about some knowledge about the mold of the vertical ring die pellet machine.
In the production process of wood pellet machine, the phenomenon of mold blockage often occurs. To solve this phenomenon, first of all, we should understand the pressure point of wood pellet machine in the production process.
1. The true center of the pelleting process of sawdust particles is the wedge-shaped area between the pressing point of the pressure roller and the die. In the granulation process, almost all other equipment is the auxiliary equipment of its most critical part. There are three pressure points:
1. The roller acting on the material squeezes the material into the die.
2. The die itself has a resistance, which can prevent materials from passing through the holes in the die.
3. The pressure applied by the roller is combined with the friction pressure generated by the material body. This pressure causes the material to squeeze in the wedge-shaped area of ??the pressure roller and the die, and prevents the material from being ejected along the surface of the die in front of the roller. When we increase the adjustment value of the variable speed transmission or control and increase the feed of the granulator, the amount of material is thickened proportionally in front of the roller. In other words, it is necessary to have a greater force to push the material into the pressing roller insertion point, rather than falling into the pressing mold. This usually leads to clogging of the granulator. This clogging is formed in front of the rollers, which hinders the ability of the rollers to grind and push into the die holes. Therefore, the distribution of materials is very important when passing through the surface of the die and entering the entry point of the pressure roller.
2. Therefore, to solve the phenomenon that the die of the wood pellet machine does not block, you must start from two aspects:
1. The moisture of the wood chips (12-17%) must be strictly controlled according to the compression ratio of the wood chip machine.
2. According to the production situation, adjust the distance between the pressure roller and the mold at any time, so that the wedge-shaped area between the pressing point of the pressure roller of the wood pellet machine and the mold is always in the best working state.
Third, the solution to mold blocking: during the production process, the die is blocked due to power outages or other reasons, especially the small-diameter die is difficult to clean up. The most common is to use an electric drill to drill out the materials, which is a waste of time and is easy Destroy the finish of the die holes. I have summarized many years of practical experience and believe that a more effective method is to cook the ring mold with oil, that is, use an iron oil pan, put the waste engine oil, put the plugging mold in the oil pan, so that all the plugging holes are immersed in the oil. Then, heat the bottom of the oil pan until the material in the mold blocking hole has a cracking sound, that is, remove the plugging mold, reinstall the machine after cooling, adjust the mold roll gap, and restart the machine according to the operation requirements of the granulator, you can quickly put the plugging mold in The materials are cleaned up, and the finish of the mold is not affected. It can be used again without grinding.


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