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Ring molding roller classification
The ring molds are divided into animal feed ring molds, aquatic material ring molds, biomass pellet ring molds, etc. according to the type of granulation.
Ring die materials are: stainless steel and high-quality alloy steel.
The pressure roller is divided into hole-shaped pressure roller, tooth-shaped pressure roller and hole-toothed pressure roller according to the shape.
The material of the pressure roller is: spring steel, high-quality alloy steel.
Pressure roller process
1 blanking and blank forging----2 semi-finishing turning-----3 gear hobbing or surface drilling-----4 multi-purpose furnace heat treatment and quenching----5 fine grinding inner circle-----6 Shipping box (auxiliary process)
Ring die process
1 billet----2 semi-precision turning-----3 gun drill hole----4 countersink hole----5 end face tapping screw hole and milling key slot-----6 vacuum furnace heat treatment quenching-- ---7 fine car-----cleaning and packaging (auxiliary process)
Introduction to the characteristics of pressure roller
The main material of the pressing roller is alloy steel 20CrMnTi, the heat treatment is multi-purpose furnace carburizing and quenching, the surface hardness is HRC57-HRC61, and the carbon layer is ≥1.8mm. The characteristics of the multi-purpose furnace quenching are: no oxidation and no decarburization, no scale on the surface of the pressure roller, silver gray, uniform hardness, high wear resistance and long service life. The various processes of the pressing roller are all fully automatic numerical control equipment, which has high processing accuracy and surface finish, which fully guarantees the assembly accuracy requirements of the pressing roller.
Introduction of ring mold process characteristics
Each process of the ring mold adopts a fully automatic CNC machining center to ensure the accuracy of the installation position of the ring mold. The ring die hole processing equipment uses a fully automatic four-axis deep hole gun drill, which is formed in one time and has a high finish, which ensures that the ring die can be discharged at one time.

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