200# solvent oil

                    200# solvent oil

                    Nature of product

                    Name: ethylene glycol
                    Freezing point:-12.6 ° c
                    Boiling point: 197.3 ° c
                    Density: relative density (water-=1) 1.1155 (20 ℃) relative density (air =1) 2.14
                    Appearance and character: colorless, sweet, thick liquid
                    Vapor pressure: 0.06mmHg (0.06 mm Hg)/20 ° c
                    Flash point: 111.1 ° c
                    Viscosity: 25.66mPa.s (16 c) [2]
                    Solubility: water/ethanol/acetone/pyridine acetic acid glycerol mixture, slightly soluble in diethyl ether, insoluble in petroleum hydrocarbons and oils can dissolve zinc chloride/potassium/sodium chloride/potassium carbonate/potassium iodide/inorganic substances such as potassium hydroxide.

                    Matters needing attention

                    Production equipment sealed, to prevent entry, contact or contact wound, such as sticky dip, rinse quickly, quickly moved on to the fresh air of acute poisoning; serious cases to the hospital for treatment;

                    Product use

                    Mainly used to make polyester, polyester resin, moisture absorption agents, plasticizers, surfactants, synthetic fiber, cosmetics, and used as a dye/ink, solvents, preparation of antifreeze engine, gas dehydration, manufacturing of resins, can also be used for glass, fiber, leather, adhesive wetting agents. Production of synthetic resin, PET, fiber grade PET polyester, bottle-grade PET used to produce mineral water bottles. Also the production of alkyd resins, such as Glyoxal, also used as antifreeze. In addition used as automotive antifreeze, but also used for transportation of industrial cooling, generally call for the coolant at the same time, or with water used as a cooling agent.

                    Product packaging and shipping methods
                    • Transport by truck, with 200L metal pail, 165kg a barrel;
                    • Can also use the truck, press 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton, 30 tonnes shipped

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